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Are you ready to create a safe and inclusive environment where students, teachers, and stakeholders thrive?

Join our community of visionary administrators dedicated to transforming education and shaping the future of their schools. Experience the power of our collaborative solutions and take charge of your school's success. Together, let's achieve educational excellence and empower every student to reach their highest potential.

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

 20 YEARS of experience


Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions
Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

Success Story

We have helped over 30,000 educators globally implement strategies that foster equity and diversity, including thousands of teachers from the fourth largest school district in the USA through our coaching, professional development, and online programs. Teachers we served shared how we introduce their students to responsive teaching approaches and technology-rich activities that tap into their strengths and allow them to show their learning in diverse ways.

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

Culturally Responsive Educational Practices | Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP)

Culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP) is a research-based approach to teaching. There are 40 years of empirical research linking culturally responsive pedagogy implementation to improved student outcomes, graduation rates, and college attendance rates. CRP connects students' cultures, languages, and life experiences with what they learn in school. These connections help students access the rigorous and relevant curriculum and develop higher-level academic skills. Our focus on culturally responsive educational practices helps educators meet their students' social, emotional, and academic needs while advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Emerging Technologies | Educational Technology (EdTech)

Educational technology combines computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. EdTech companies develop tools, and platforms teachers use for increased productivity, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and more. Our focus on emerging technologies helps educators understand these tools and how to integrate them seamlessly so they can (1) maximize their students' potential, (2) provide learning options that give their students voice, choice, diversity, and accessibility, (3) increase students' exposure to future-ready skills. 

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

EQUAL Methodology™

LCT-E Learning Solutions™ developed the EQUAL Methodology™ so that educators can teach with equity and excellence. Their priority is to equip educators with evidence-based practices, ready-to-use teaching tips, relevant examples, and resources they can implement right away in their schools and classrooms. The EQUAL Methodology™ has served K-12 educators worldwide with its focus on some of the toughest challenges facing schools today. 

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

Meet The Founder

Michelle Singh

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions
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Michelle Singh is an award-winning education consultant and author who helps educators bridge cultural gaps and build stronger relationships with their students. 


As CEO of LCT-E Learning Solutions™, Singh helps educators develop culturally responsive instructional methods that result in addressing the unique learning needs of students, specifically students from diverse cultural backgrounds. LCT-E also embraces digital tools for enhancing instructional dynamics and as an integral part of improving educational accessibility. 


Her own experiences as a young student served as the catalyst for her 20-year career as an educator. After immigrating to the U.S. from Jamaica at the age of 9, Singh initially struggled to acclimate to the U.S. public school system. This formative experience set the stage for her relentless drive to ensure the needs of minority students are not only being met, but that their gifts are being cultivated. 

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What People say About us


Jessica H.

School Principal

“Our teachers were very engaged, and our facilitator was chock full of concrete insights, tips, and tricks on how to make the most of the technology when designing and delivering engaging virtual lessons.”


Kevin Z.

School Administrator

“Michelle is a person that does everything possible to help others."

"LCT-E did a fantastic job of meeting our school district’s needs and wants, and we appreciate the opportunity we got to say what we needed most."


Heather T.

Dean of Virtual
Spanish Program

“I was really worried that the our group of instructors would get lost, frustrated, and give up, However,  LCT-E knocked it out of the park.


My teachers left the training excited and wanting to start creating today!”


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Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

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