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LCT-E Learning Solutions is a distinguished leader in designing and delivering strategies that ensure students from all backgrounds and cultures succeed in the classroom. By designing and delivering developmental programs and technological resources, LCT-E helps teachers bridge cultural gaps and build quality relationships with students. Our signature services include culturally responsive professional development, educational programs, and coaching services. 

LCT-E Learning Solutions works with schools and districts to provide innovative and inclusive professional learning experiences for educators.

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With more than two decades of experience in education, founder Michelle Singh is a school achievement strategist and educational equity expert who has brought her passion for education to every facet of her career. Her leadership hails from her ability to successfully navigate various dimensions of the public education system from her own experiences as a teacher, administrator, curriculum specialist, adjunct professor, and organizational leadership doctoral candidate. Michelle founded LCT-E Learning Solutions in 2020 after identifying a need for educators to engage in effective teaching practices that respond to the diverse needs of their students in a complex and ever-changing modern society.

Michelle’s vision to lead, create, and teach to empower educators globally is the foundation of LCT-E’s mission. The programs designed by LCT-E Learning Solutions are evidence-based and effective. School districts and companies that hire LCT-E Learning Solutions see a return on investment in the form of improved academic performance, engaged students, and confident teachers. LCT-E’s track record for effective educational strategies and training now spans from educators across the U.S.A to the middle east. 

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LCT-E Learning Solutions answers the call for innovation and inclusivity in teaching and learning. They show teachers how to meet their students' social, emotional, academic, and cultural needs.
The academic success of students is dependent on schools and districts implementing well-researched teaching practices, but teachers do not have the time needed to filter through tons of books, blogs, conferences, podcasts, seminars, social media, videos, workshops, etc. to find the exact tools and strategies needed to meet the unique needs of their diverse students. That is where we come in. Our professional services equip teachers with a toolbox to form more trusting and productive relationships with students as well as address cultural needs that result in an environment for high academic performance, improved communication, and equitable assets for all learners. 


If any of these sound like you or what you need, then LCT-E Learning Solutions is the right fit for you and your school.     

  1. I want a safe and secure school environment where everyone (students, staff, stakeholders) has a clear sense of belonging.

  2. I want to develop and adjust the curriculum to speak to students from diverse backgrounds and those far behind in their academic performance. 

  3. I want to ensure that all students, especially those from diverse backgrounds and who are farthest behind, are prepared with the skills they need in the real world.  

  4. I want new methods to strengthen the communication strategies with parents, partners, and stakeholders.

  5. I want to provide equitable assessment options for students, especially those from diverse backgrounds and those who are furthest behind.


Leading to Empower

As leaders in the educational space, LCT-E Learning Solutions understands what the research says about how adults and children learn. Therefore, they listen carefully to clients and what matters most, learn about their unique needs, and line up their educational needs with evidence-based and equitable practices.

Creating to Empower

LCT-E Learning Solutions produces creative solutions for clients. They cultivate high-quality, job-embedded professional learning experiences for schools and districts. They also coach educators to be teacher-leaders who build capacity. As a result, educators become equipped to provide equitable instructional practices and student-focused instruction.


Teaching Empower

LCT-E Learning Solutions knows the learning theories for adults and children well. They take pride in addressing and supporting the diverse needs of adult learners when they teach them. Their unique approach helps them tailor learning experiences that are innovative, impactful, and inclusive.