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LCT-E Learning Solutions developed the EQUAL methodology so that educators can teach with equity and excellence.

With EQUAL, our priority is to equip educators with evidence-based practices, ready-to-use teaching tips, relevant examples, and tangible resources they can implement right away in their schools and classrooms. 

Our EQUAL methodology has served K-12 educators worldwide because it focuses on some of the toughest challenges facing schools today. These include: 

  1. School culture and climate

  2. Teacher practices and pedagogy

  3. Student skill set and mindset

  4. Stakeholder relationships and partnerships

  5. Equitable formative assessments



Professional Development

We partner with schools and districts to customize high-impact professional development that positively impacts teaching and learning. We are Microsoft Global Training Partner and have Nearpod, Google, and Adobe certifications so we specialize in helping educators leverage emerging technologies for more effective teaching and learning. We also focus on the integration of culturally responsive educational practices to help educators meet the wide range of needs for all learners.


We design transformational programs that help schools and districts meet students’ needs. Our programs range from one month to one year of implementation. Educators take a deep dive into topics related to cross-cultural awareness, communication, community building, educational practices, technology, and more. They have an opportunity to confidently shift their mindsets, develop new skills, integrate technology, and incorporate culturally responsive educational practices.



LCT-E Learning Solutions provides one-to-one consulting and group coaching services for educators who need guidance in a range of topics including but not limited to educational technology, instructional strategies, innovative educational practices, creativity in teaching, and lesson plan enhancements. Our hands-on approach and personal support help educators create powerful learning experiences for their students. They gain knowledge, concrete examples, insights, and encouragement through coaching.