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We developed the EQUAL Methodology™ to help educators build quality relationships with their students and bridge cultural gaps in their classrooms.

With the EQUAL Methodology™, our priority is to equip educators with evidence-based practices, ready-to-use teaching tips, relevant examples, and tangible resources they can implement right away in their schools and classrooms. 

Our EQUAL Methodology™ has served K-12 educators worldwide because it focuses on some of the toughest challenges facing schools today. These include: 

  1. School culture and climate

  2. Teacher practices and pedagogy

  3. Student skill set and mindset

  4. Stakeholder relationships and partnerships

  5. Equitable formative assessments



Professional Development

LCT-E Learning Solutions™ is your dedicated partner in advancing education. As administrators, you play a crucial role in shaping teaching and learning experiences, and we are here to collaborate closely with your schools and districts to enrich those experiences. Our commitment to excellence and customization drives us to provide tailored and high-impact professional development programs that perfectly suit your unique needs. Microsoft has recognized our influence in the educational space, as we proudly serve as a Microsoft Global Training Partner. Moreover, our certifications in Nearpod, Google, ACUE, and Adobe demonstrate our expertise in harnessing cutting-edge technologies to elevate your teaching approach. At LCT-E Learning Solutions™, inclusivity is at the core of our mission. We firmly believe in integrating culturally responsive educational practices, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to cater to your students' diverse social, emotional, academic, and cultural needs. This paves the way for an inclusive learning environment where every student thrives. Join us on this transformative journey, as we equip your teachers to elevate their teaching prowess, embrace technology confidently, and celebrate diversity and growth in their classrooms. The positive impact you make will be felt by your students and cherished by us alike. Together, let's make a lasting difference in education, creating an inspiring and inclusive environment for all learners. 


At LCT-E Learning Solutions™, we take pride in crafting dynamic and transformative programs designed specifically for teachers like you. Our offerings cater to a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from one-hour masterclasses to comprehensive year-long implementations, ensuring a seamless fit for your unique educational journey. Delve deep into a wealth of essential topics, including cross-cultural awareness, effective communication, community building, cutting-edge educational practices, and innovative technology integration. Our programs are meticulously designed to empower you with the confidence to shift mindsets, acquire new skills, seamlessly integrate technology, and embrace culturally responsive educational practices. At LCT-E Learning Solutions™, we're dedicated to providing you with hands-on support and personalized guidance to help you create powerful and impactful learning experiences for your students. Through our programs, you'll gain valuable knowledge, concrete examples, insightful tips, and the encouragement needed to thrive in your teaching journey. Join us on this empowering journey as you unlock your full potential as an educator and create an inclusive and thriving learning environment for your students. Let LCT-E Learning Solutions™ be your catalyst for positive transformation in education. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of your students and inspire a brighter future through the power of transformative teaching. 



Discover the transformative power of impactful speaking engagements with Michelle Singh, our founder and CEO at LCT-E Learning Solutions™! Michelle is a seasoned professional speaker, offering dynamic and empowering events tailor-made for corporations and organizations seeking to leave a lasting impact. From thought-provoking panels and inspiring guest speaker sessions to engaging keynotes and interactive workshops, Michelle's expertise captivates audiences and fosters active learning. Her comprehensive training programs equip your team with the knowledge and tools to build a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization. Carefully curated to address the specific needs of modern corporations, Michelle's speaking events deliver insights and actionable strategies that inspire positive change and foster an inclusive, growth-oriented culture. Step into a world of impactful speaking engagements that transcend conventional wisdom, leading your organization towards greater success and productivity. Michelle's engaging style and compelling delivery will energize and motivate your audience to implement positive change. Empower your team and create a workplace that celebrates diversity, embraces equity, and fosters inclusivity. Explore the diverse and transformative speaking events offered by Michelle Singh today, and together, let's pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for your organization. Contact us now to schedule your next inspiring event with Michelle Singh. Experience the difference of LCT-E Learning Solutions™! 

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