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Are you ready to create a safe and inclusive school community where students, teachers, and stakeholders thrive?

Join our community of visionary administrators dedicated to transforming education and shaping the future of their schools. Experience the power of our collaborative solutions and take charge of your school's success. Together, let's achieve educational excellence and empower every student to reach their highest potential.

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

 We bring over 20 YEARS of combined experience!


Schools improve low student achievement and engagement

Join the growing community of educators who have experienced the positive impact of our programs and unlock the full potential of teaching and learning. Book a demo call today and discover how our customized professional development can drive transformative outcomes in your school or district.

We are dedicated to partnering with schools to deliver customized, high-impact professional development programs that drive positive change in teaching and learning. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition from industry leaders, including Microsoft.


As a trusted Microsoft Global Training Partner, and with certifications from Nearpod, Google, ACUE, and Adobe, we specialize in empowering educators to leverage emerging technologies for more effective teaching and learning. Our expertise extends beyond technology integration as we also prioritize the integration of culturally responsive educational practices. We understand the importance of addressing the diverse social, emotional, academic, and cultural needs of students.


By partnering with us, school administrators gain access to customized professional development solutions tailored to their unique goals and challenges. Our programs provide educators with the tools, strategies, and support they need to create engaging and inclusive learning environments.

Our Visionary Leader

Empowering Schools to Foster Achievement and Engagement: Meet Michelle Singh, NBCT

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

Michelle Singh is an award-winning education consultant and author who helps educators bridge cultural gaps and build stronger relationships with their students. 


As CEO of LCT-E Learning Solutions™, Singh helps educators develop culturally responsive instructional methods that result in addressing the unique learning needs of students, specifically students from diverse cultural backgrounds. LCT-E also embraces digital tools for enhancing instructional dynamics and as an integral part of improving educational accessibility. 


Her own experiences as a young student served as the catalyst for her 20-year career as an educator. After immigrating to the U.S. from Jamaica at the age of 9, Singh initially struggled to acclimate to the U.S. public school system. This formative experience set the stage for her relentless drive to ensure the needs of minority students are not only being met, but that their gifts are being cultivated. 

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Real Client Testimonials


Rob Bayuk

Former Senior Education Marketing Team Lead, Prezi

Working with Michelle is always a pleasure. She brings a unique combination of understanding the demands of a teacher's 'day-to-day' work with a deep understanding of how technology can support and improve the outcomes teachers are seeking on behalf of their students. She brings a broad range of tech experience in her toolkit, enabling her to apply different solutions and ideas to fit the need. At Prezi, we recognized Michelle as one of our first 'Featured Educators' and were fortunate to have her speak on a panel sharing her insights into how to build and maintain a school community, which was incredibly well received by our global community of educators.


Robyn Hrivnatz

Director of the MSUS Education Industry Team, Microsoft

Michelle is a leader in the education technology community. Her commitment to putting learners first, her focus on growing her professional learning network, and her creative problem-solving skills have made her an asset to the community. Michelle is continuously seeking out new opportunities to explore education and speaks up for those whose voices may go unheard to champion education reform. In addition to her impact on our educator community, I’ve received many compliments from other educators and colleagues from around the world noticing Michelle’s contribution to education. She is reliable, knowledgeable, and leans into life with optimism and grit!

Overcoming Educational Challenges and



Empowering Every Learner with Evidence-Based Solutions

We understand the critical challenges faced by administrators like you in creating safe and inclusive learning environments while ensuring all students thrive. Our customizable professional development programs offer targeted solutions to address these concerns head-on and provide educators with the tools, strategies, and resources they need to create a transformative educational experience for every student.


We prioritize equipping educators with evidence-based practices, ready-to-use teaching tips, user-friendly templates, relevant examples, and tangible resources that can be implemented immediately. 


Trusted by over 30,000 educators worldwide and endorsed by corporate leaders such as Microsoft, our methodology focuses on vital areas such as school culture and climate, teacher practices and pedagogy, student skill set and mindset, stakeholder relationships and partnerships, and equitable formative assessments. Book a demo call today and see how our live workshops and webinars can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your school.

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hat eople say bout us


Jessica H.

School Principal

“Our teachers were very engaged, and our facilitator was chock full of concrete insights, tips, and tricks on how to make the most of the technology when designing and delivering engaging virtual lessons.”


Kevin Z.

School Administrator

“Michelle is a person that does everything possible to help others."

"LCT-E did a fantastic job of meeting our school district’s needs and wants, and we appreciate the opportunity we got to say what we needed most."


Heather T.

Dean of Virtual
Spanish Program

“I was really worried that the our group of instructors would get lost, frustrated, and give up, However,  LCT-E knocked it out of the park.


My teachers left the training excited and wanting to start creating today!”

Transform Teaching and Learning with



the Equity and Excellence in Teaching System (EETS)

The Equity and Excellence in Teaching System (EETS) is a comprehensive five-module program tailored for K-12 teachers. Developed through 20 years of educational expertise, empirical research, and two years of refinement, EETS is your solution for empowering teachers with proven tools and evidence-based strategies.


EETS offers an engaging online learning experience where teachers can explore and implement effective practices. By investing their time in this program, teachers will cultivate trusting relationships with their students and bridge cultural gaps in their classrooms. With EETS, teachers will be equipped to nurture their students' social, emotional, academic, and cultural growth, propelling them toward excellence. Book a demo call today, and let us demonstrate how this innovative teaching system will revolutionize your school's approach to equity, excellence, and student success.


Let's transform teachers' practices, empower your students, and create an inclusive and enriching educational experience for all. That's the power of EETS!

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More Success Stories

Donna D.png

Donna D.

“Michelle is an amazing presenter. Her proficiency of knowledge was evident as she was able to meet each participant at their comfort level. She is a teacher leader at heart. It was apparent by her preparation and thoroughness of information. I will seek her out for additional support and training.”

Cindy C.png

Cindy C.

“Through her workshops, I have learned so many new digital tools that have dramatically improved my productivity and effectiveness in the work setting. She really helped bring me up to speed on the latest digital tools for the classroom and beyond! I even apply them to my home life too!


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“I learned how I can use digital portfolios to see students' progression over time instead of one moment in time. Also, I learned how it can provide flexibility in the ways students are assessed.”

Strengthening School Community with the ACE Method



3 Keys to build and strengthen school communities

Discover how videos can revolutionize your school community and forge strong connections with teachers, staff, students, parents, families, and stakeholders.


In this valuable resource, we introduce you to the ACE method—a proven approach to creating impactful videos that provide access, connection, and ease to your viewers.


With the ACE Method, administrators can harness the benefits of video to enhance communication, engagement, and collaboration within their school community.


Whether you're looking to deliver important announcements, share success stories, or foster a sense of unity, this resource will equip you with practical strategies and expert tips for using videos to build a vibrant and connected school community.

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