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Are you facing challenges with low

student achievement and engagement?

We have the solution you've been searching for!


Empower Students: Embrace Educational Equity and Excellence for Holistic Growth

We understand the impact of lacking cultural and relational connections with students, leading to disengagement, lack of motivation, and underachievement. We've walked in those shoes and felt the helplessness. Building successful relationships with parents, families, and stakeholders can pose challenges, but they are essential for student success. That is why we draw on our 20 years of educational expertise to craft enriching learning experiences to support you. With a plethora of tools, strategies, and resources available, we know it can be overwhelming to find the right ones that meet your teaching needs. Don't stress! Our programs and offerings are here to guide you toward success.



Power Up Your Teaching and Student Learning:

Join Our Community and Ignite Educational Equity and Excellence!

We believe in the power of teachers to make a lasting impact on students' lives. That's why we've created a dedicated space just for you – a community of passionate educators striving for excellence. Take the first step towards transforming your teaching practice and unlocking your full potential as an educator. Click below to learn more about our membership benefits and start your journey to professional growth.


Unleash Teacher and Student Potential: Elevate Educational Equity and Excellence with Customizable Professional Development!

We understand the importance of providing impactful professional development opportunities for administrators, districts, schools, and classrooms. That's why we offer live and customizable professional development sessions tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Click below to explore how our programs can transform teaching practices and empower your educators to reach new heights.



Inspire and Transform: Elevate Equity and Excellence in Your Organization with Impactful Speaking Events!

Michelle Singh offers a range of impactful speaking events designed to empower corporations and organizations. Michelle covers everything from thought-provoking panels to inspiring guest speaker sessions, engaging keynotes to interactive workshops, and comprehensive training programs. She focuses on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in any space. Explore the speaking events offered by Michelle Singh today!

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions

Meet Michelle Singh !

Michelle Singh, an award-winning education consultant and best-selling author, is on a mission to bridge cultural gaps and cultivate stronger relationships between educators and their students. As the CEO of LCT-E Learning Solutions™, she empowers educators to develop culturally responsive instructional methods that address the unique learning needs of students, especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds. Are you ready to embark on a transformative educational journey? Discover how Michelle Singh's expertise and passion can revolutionize teaching practices and empower educators to maximize their students' full capabilities.

About the Founder

Ignite the Power of Educational Equity and Excellence

Michelle Singh LCT-E Learning Solutions
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Watch Michelle on stage

What’s it about?

In this talk, she delves into the profound ways our communities can impact educational environments, drawing from my own journey as an immigrant girl finding her place in a new world to a passionate educator and mother. I share stories and insights on bridging the cultural gaps in our classrooms, the importance of inclusive representation, and practical ways every one of us can contribute to a classroom's cultural richness.

Speaking at TEDxBarryU

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Unlock the Path to Inclusive Excellence

The Equity and Excellence in Teaching Reflective Journal

Ignite your passion for transforming education with the "Equity and Excellence in Teaching Reflective Journal." This must-have resource is tailored for educators like you, dedicated to empowering every student to thrive. Dive into a wealth of actionable insights, thought-provoking reflective prompts, and inspiring quotes that will fuel your journey in creating inclusive spaces where every learner can succeed. Don't miss out on this game-changing tool! Grab your copy today and embark on the first step towards unlocking students' fullest potential.


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Mrs. Alberto

Michelle creates curriculum and professional development that just makes sense!

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Ms. Evans

I was able to create a beginning of the school year lesson because I was given the tools and resources to do it right here!

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Mrs. Marroquin

LCT-E is passionate about student learning with engaging tools, equity in students, and freedom of choice for both students and teachers.

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