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DRIVE Me Crazy!

So many files on so many drives can drive you crazy! Where do you find what you are looking for if there are all these places to look? With a cloud storage system, you can store all your files from all of these locations in one place. This is not only convenient, it is productive. You will no longer have to search flash drive after flash drive for that one file. Instead, use the intuitive search feature in your cloud storage, and it will search and find exactly what you are looking for.

As a classroom teacher, I had my entire teaching career on my portable hard drive. It had 250 GB of storage (nothing compared to the one trillion bytes you can get with the online cloud system). I had a pink pouch that secured my drive and protected it from the elements: rain, sleet, snow, and sweat (mainly from my palms because they sweat profusely). It did not, however, protect it from my absent mind. There were many mornings I walked right out the house leaving my prized possession behind on the table next to the door. I would get to school and feel completely unprepared and flustered–hands dripping with sweat from all of the nerves–just because The Odyssey lesson I spent the night revising was on my portable hard drive…at home…not anywhere near me. After minutes of feeling defeated, I would call my husband who saved my sanity morning after morning on his way to work. He would go out of his way to go back home, retrieve my drive from the table, and drive it to my school (not exactly in his way) to drop it off. Yes, he did it because he loved me, but he also did it because he understood the value I placed on it. Like I said, my entire teaching career was on that drive, therefore, I could not teach without it…

Well, this was what I thought before I discovered the terabyte of data I had on my Microsoft OneDrive account through my employer (a terabyte can fit two million photos or 500 hours of movies–this is way more than any teacher would ever use). I work with both the public school system and college. Both positions provide me access to Microsoft OneDrive which technically means I have two terabytes of storage space (a whopping two trillion!). I used this space to upload all the files I had in the many flash drives I had in purses and book-bags; I uploaded the files from my portable hard drive (this process took a little more time because I had so many files and folders to sort through); I took the files from my school computer’s C-drive and H-drive and placed them in my OneDrive (this saved me from stressing out at the end of the year when it came time to back up my files from the school computer). Now, I have one place I can access all of my files, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. I upload files to my OneDrive from my smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. The accessibility and availability I now have completely shifted my approach to file storage, file sharing, and file creation.

I use my OneDrive cloud storage all the time. Several times a day, in fact. I use it as a file storage where I have all of my files which include documents, images, presentations (i.e. PowerPoint), spreadsheets, videos, OneNote notebooks, PDFs, and more. And instead of going to work with a purse filled to the brim with seven or eight flash drives and my pink-pouched portable hard-drive, I travel light and worry free. Wherever I go to work, whether it is at a school or at the college, I access my files easily by going to my OneDrive. I started using OneDrive in 2013. And once I did, I never looked back. And you can too. Once you go the route of cloud storage, you won’t try anything else. I guarantee it!

And if you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons to consider cloud storage:

  1. Have you ever needed a certain file and didn’t remember where you saved it? Well, with cloud storage, you can COMBINE all your files from flash drives, portable hard drives, computer C-drives, school or business H-drives in one place.

  2. Have you ever lost, broke, or got a virus on a flash drive or portable hard drive and your hard work disappeared? Well, you can PREVENT losing, forgetting, or misplacing files by uploading them in the cloud storage space.

  3. Have you ever needed to get to a file but you did not have access to your home or work computer? Well, you can ACCESS your files easily from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with cloud storage.

  4. Have you ever named a file something and forgot what you called it when it came time to use it? Well, you can SEARCH for your files by word or phrase in the intuitive search feature in the cloud storage that scans the title and content in the files.

  5. Have you ever emailed yourself a copy of a file because you worked on it from home and needed the revised copy at work? Well, with cloud storage, you can EDIT one working-copy of each file to avoid the confusion of having several versions of the same file.

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